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Packaging Solutions

Gorilla 3PL offers packaging solutions for clients looking to change product packaging to business branding, increase security, reduce damage likelihood or improve customer experience. 

We can individually package products before despatch to ensure they are safe and secure. Additionally, clients looking to add extra branding touches to their packaging can utilise our repackaging services to repackage their products to match the brand and their business. We also offer assembly services for clients needing their goods to be built or assembled prior to despatch.

We have vast experience packaging and repacking goods for despatch, allowing us to achieve the desired outcome seamlessly and cost-effectively. A prevalent issue businesses face when despatching goods to their clients is the product being damaged during transport. At Gorilla 3PL, we go to great lengths to ensure this is not an issue our clients have to worry about.

Key services

  • Marketing campaign-specific repackaging
  • Different quantities of items per kit can be easily managed
  • Time & cost-efficient
  • Quick turnaround time to get marketing messages out the door
  • Customer boxes and tape available
  • Assembly 
  • Kitting
  • Repackaging

We are able to assist with the assembly of products prior to shipping, if there are multiple components that require assembly before the product is shipped to the client then we are able to cost-effectively manage this in house 

Ideal solution for subscription box fulfilment and promotional campaigns. Our inventory management system is designed to manage transferring individual SKUs into kit SKUs to provide you with real-time inventory updates. Meanwhile, our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of kitting best practice, retailer requirements and packaging options so that they can give you the best advice.

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