Mar 10 2022, gorilladev




Gorilla 3PL provides bespoke storage and logistics solutions for several retail businesses. Given the unique nature of their promotional assets, retail businesses’ need for storage and distribution can become a difficult issue to resolve. Fortunately, Gorilla 3PL facilitates the storage of these assets, regardless of size, shape or awkwardness.

We also provide logistical support for retail asset transportation. Whether collecting assets, delivering them, or both, we ensure our client’s experience is seamless and stress-free. Given our fleet of transport options, we are well suited to deliver most goods for our clients all in-house.  

Warehouse, worker with a forklift in motion blur.


  • The conceptualisation of a promotional vehicle and showroom trailer
  • Operation – Operators licence
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Storage and logistics of marketing tools
  • Product dispatch Olympics / Commonwealth Games

Result / Outcome

Gorilla3PL is providing a complete, wrap-around, storage and logistics service for the company as it expands its UK operation.

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